Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are you open?

A. Provided the COVID-Safe plan is approved by the government we will be opening at 10am on Monday, 8th June, 2020. We will be open 7 days a week from 10am till 10pm. We will have dine-in & drinks available. No takeaway at this stage.


Q. How many people are allowed in the club?

A. We currently have 6 zones with 20 people allowed in each zone.
Zone 1 – Shades Restaurant – Front Half (Open 12pm – 8pm)

Zone 2 – Shades Restaurant – Back Half (Open 12pm – 8pm)

Zone 3 – Sparkes Café (10am – 8pm)

Zone 4 – Main Deck - West (Open 10am – 10pm)

Zone 5 – Main Deck - East (Open 10am – 10pm)

Zone 6 – The new multi-purpose bar & Smoking area (Open 10am – 10pm)

Q. What happens when I enter the club?

A. All members and guests must come in through the front reception area. Once you enter, our staff will ask you some standard questions, take your temperature and take you through our sign-in process at reception. Everyone entering must sign in using a Club Pine Rivers club card (not a reciprocal) or approved photo id. Our concierge will then take you to your zone, depending on what you are here for. Once you get to your zone, please remain seated the entire time, our staff will take care of everything for you! You must not leave your zone, if you wish to visit a different zone you can return to reception and our concierge will take you to that zone if there is space available. 

Q. Is the courtesy bus operating?

A. No, due to the size of our courtesy bus we could only have 2 people plus the driver at any one time.


Q. Can I book a table?

A. We currently have limited bookings available for members only. Please call us on 3481 8600 from 10am Monday to book! Please be aware that we are only taking bookings for up to 4 people. 


Q. What time is the restaurant open?

A. The menu is an all-day menu, you can order from 10am right up until 8pm.


Q. How long can I stay at the club?

A. You can stay in a dining area for 2 hours.


Q. Can I go back and forth between zones?

A. No, you must remain seated the entire time you are in your zone. Once you are finished in your current zone you may go back to reception to ask to go to a different zone. You MUST NOT travel between zones on your own.


Q. I’m meeting people at the club, can I guarantee they will be put in the same zone as me?

A. If you are meeting someone, we advise meeting outside of the club and coming in together.


Q. Is the kid’s area open?

A. No, not yet. Children must remain with their parents or guardians at all times.


Q. Is the gaming room open yet?

A. No, at the moment we are restricted by legislation. We will open gaming once we are allowed.


Q. Can I play bowls?

A. Roll-ups restart 22nd of June by booking only. Book by calling the bowls office on 07 3481 8630 from the 15th of June and leaving a message.



  • You must sign in & out every visit – even if you visit multiple times a day or leave to get something out of your car.

  • You must have current photo ID when visiting.

  • You must not travel outside your zone.

  • We ask that you pay by card when possible.

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