Frequently Asked Questions


  • Masks MUST BE  WORN except when eating & drinking from 1am 29th June

  • Must be seated while eating & drinking

  • No dancing from 1am 29th June

  • Social distancing of 1 person to 4sqm must be observed.


  • You must have current ID when visiting. For accepted forms of ID and entry requirements check here.

  • You must use the Check In App. If you don't have a mobile our staff can sign you in using your ID and our tablets.

  • You must show a current members card, reciprocal card or sign in as a guest or visitor using your ID.

  • We ask that you pay by card when possible, all of our tills are equipped with Eftpos.

  • If you have been unwell (especially with cold & flu symptoms) we ask that you do not visit us at this time. We will be happy to see you again once you are better!

Q. When are you open?

A. We are open 7 days a week from 10am until 2am.


Q. How many people are allowed in the club?

A. According to our floor plan, we can have 500 people in the building. Our gaming room can currently hold 148 people at any one time.

Q. What happens when I enter the club?

A. All members and guests must come in through the front reception area, the bowls area and back entrance are locked. You must show you have checked in using the QLD Government's Check In app or have our staff sign you in using ID. You must also present your member's card, a reciprocal card or ID.

Q. Is the courtesy bus operating?

A. Yes but there are some restrictions and it is for club members only. Call us on  073481 8600 to book on to the courtesy bus. Please note children must be 7 years old or older to ride the bus.


Q. Can I book a table at the restaurant?

A. You sure can! Click the link here or call us on 07 3481 8600 to book.


Q. What time is the restaurant open?

A.  Our restaurant is open from 11:30am - 2pm daily for lunch and from 5:30pm until 8pm Sunday-Thursday or until 9pm on Friday and Saturday. Our cafe is also open from 10am until late with a wide variety of foods!


Q. How long can I stay at the club?

A. There is no time restriction.


Q. Is the kid’s area open?

A. It sure is although it may be closed in bad weather. Please note that guardians must watch the children at all times. We have a viewing area in our Vista Lounge where you can enjoy a meal or a coffee with friends!

Q. Is entertainment on yet?

A. Yes, check out our What's On page for details.

Q. Is the gaming room open yet?

A. Yes, it is. Our gaming room is open from 10am until 2am daily. Please be aware that you must be a member to play our machines at the moment as we have gone cashless. It is only $1 to sign up if you are not yet a member.

Q. Are promotions back yet?

A. Yes, including our members night, Birthday draw and more. Check our promotions page for details. 

Q. What is the club doing to protect me from COVID-19 in the gaming room?

A. We have hand sanitizer stationed at the entrance to the gaming floor as well as throughout the gaming floor and our staff are walking around sanitising the machines. We have signs showing which machines have been sanitised, if the machine you would like to play has been used, let our staff know and they will come and clean it for you.


We also have social distancing signs available as you enter the gaming room for you to take and place on the machines on either side of you whilst in the gaming room so that no one sits beside you. If there is a sign on a machine with no one around, please ask our staff and they can remove it for you. Please do not remove any signs yourself.

Q. What is the club doing to protect me from COVID-19 through the rest of the club?

A. We have hand sanitizer stationed frequently throughout the club and we have dedicated 'Pine 'O Cleaners' our walking around sanitising all high touch surfaces and tables. If one of our table numbers in knocked over that means that our Pine O Cleaners are yet to sanitize that table. If you wish to sit there don't hesitate to ask one of our staff to pop out and sanitise it. Our bathrooms are also being sprayed with sanitiser during every hour.

Q. Can I play bowls?

A. Yes, we have bowls and barefoot bowls available at the moment. Call us on 07 3481 8631 to find out more or to book in.