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From humble beginnings...

The Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club was formed in 1948 and was located at Gympie Road Strathpine directly opposite the Country Club Hotel (now known as the 4 Mile Creek Hotel). The Club remained at this location for the following 30 years with a small but dedicated membership, bowling with limited success, and generally remained an outer Brisbane, Country Style Bowls Club. In the late 70s and early 80s, with the help of the slogan ‘Move to Little Aspley’, Brisbane saw a population shift from the inner suburbs to this area and to cater for the population growth, a large shopping complex was needed in Strathpine. Westfield Shopping Management was awarded the project and purchased the Club and property to build what we now know as Strathpine Centre.

The Club took up residence at its current location in Bray Park in 1984 which was seen as being the centre of the population growth area with predominately married couples and young families moving in daily. The Club membership increased quickly with the average age of our bowling members also dropping dramatically. The increased number of Junior Bowlers in the mid-80s saw the advent of the Pine Rivers Queensland Open Junior Singles Championship and this event was as successful then as it is today, with Champion Bowlers, Steve Glasson and Kevin Kerkow, among the early winners.

The 1980s also saw the commencement of building extensions, a third green and with the influx of new bowlers, we saw the Club becoming more competitive and achieving good results in such events as the Pine Shire Pairs and the Campbell Shield. The Club also started gaining respect in pennant competition.

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